Excellence in Dementia Care Award

Recognize organizations for creating programs and services that are models of excellence and contribute significantly to the quality of life of individuals with dementia.

Application information:

  • LeadingAge provider member organizations are eligible for this award.
  • Eligible programs must have been in operation for at least two years, not including planning time.
  • The nominee’s program was established to address a known challenge, or service gap.
  • The program has measureable outcomes or performance indicators.
  • The program has potential for replication in other aging services organizations (and/or beyond).

Please note: this form does not include a “save” function. We recommend that you type your responses into a Word document, and then copy and paste your responses into the form at the very end.

Please contact Emily Wilson, ewilson@leadingage.org, with questions.

Application Questions

Questions for Nominated Organizations (you are encouraged to use specific stories to illuminate your answers):